Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Be Thankful

It’s been a busy week seems like. The off week seems to go faster and faster. Responding to calls, paperwork, honey-do-list, and family gatherings have sure made the time fly by. Now Thanksgiving is tomorrow and the beginning of my work week and the beginning of what I’m sure is going to be a hectic month both work and home.

Seeing how tomorrow is Thanksgiving, take time and actually be thankful. We spend so much time in the fire service complaining about things we don’t have or the things we want, we fail to see what is right in front of us. Sure it would be great to have all the latest and greatest toys or a bay full of new apparatus, but the fact is we don’t, but what we do have is ours and we need to be thankful for it. I know of departments that have half of what we have twice as old but it’s theirs and seeing what they started from they are thankful to have it.

I am thankful to be a part of the greatest profession on Earth. Chiefs that make sure we have what we need to get the job done and throw in some toys now and again to keep us happy. I am thankful for the ability, as PEIO, to educate the public in fire safety and keep them safe and as an instructor be able to provide lifesaving skills to members of my department. Thankful for my beautiful wife and daughter for understanding me running out the door, missing meals, and family time, my parents for bringing me up right making me the man I am today, and my brothers for all the memories throughout the years and knowing they are always there. I could go on and on all day about all the things that I am thankful for in my life. I have truly been blessed.

Take the time today, tomorrow, this week, to look around you and be thankful, both on the job and at home. When you take the time to see what you actually have and thankful to have it, you tend to appreciate it more and more.

Lastly, as you give thanks, remember the men and women fighting for our freedom so that we may do what we do. Remember those affected by Hurricane Sandy and all they have endured and the long road ahead of them.  Remember those that have gone before you and made the ultimate sacrifice and the families and departments they leave behind.

We hope that everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving holiday, from our families to yours.

“The Hooligans”

Captain Josh Womack and FF Zach Womack

Stay Safe

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