Friday, December 21, 2012

Attention to Detail

I have heard it said “it’s the little things that count”. This holds true in all aspects of life and also holds a lot of weight in the fire service as well and should with every member of your organization.

Attention to detail is defined as accomplishing a task through complete concern for all areas no matter how small. It shows 1) you have pride in yourself and 2) pride in your job. It should show in everything you do from your appearance to your apparatus to your station. It matters, and believe me it gets noticed.

I am a stickler when it comes to appearance. Not in a vain kind of way but in looking professional. My biggest pet peeve is boots being shined. It doesn’t take but just a minute to slap a coat of polish on your boots. It may not seem like a big deal to you but to your officer in charge, chief, or even the public it is. It shows that you care about your public perception and the job you represent.

I have also been accused of being anal when it comes to apparatus cleaning. I know some that do the bare minimum when it comes to cleaning the rigs. Just spray it with water and back it back in and call it good. Some that give it the white line special (wash from the white line down) because that’s the only part that is seen up close. I believe in washing the whole thing and drying it because I hate water spots and then finishing it off with tire shine. Yes, I am all about the tire shine. It looks better and stands out, shows you care.

Do you make sure the engine room is swept, mopped, everything in its place? Do you knock off the sheetrock debris from the tools from the last fire, and wipe the tools down?

I know it seems like it doesn’t matter but the attention to the little things pays off. Some may call it OCD or petty but to those that matter your attention to detail shows caring and pride in what you have and what you do. It gets noticed, trust me.

Until next time,

Stay safe

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