Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What's to come....

Josh and I talked today, we have several things in mind we would like to talk about on here pretty soon. A few things are, Tradition and Pride in the Fire Service, Firefighter Rehab, What's in your pockets?. Any ideas anyone may have of something you would like to see send us a message to hooligansandhalligans@gmail.com

Be Safe!


  1. I can testify to the fact that the name of this Blog is absolutely PERFECT. All 3 of the boys were, are and will be HOOLIGANS but I love them. I am proud of all 3 of them, their wives and of course the beautiful and sweet Granddaughters that I have been blessed with. Being in Emergency Services it makes me proud to see my children following in the footsteps of public service. To my fellow brothers I hope what you see on here will make you think, smile a little, and practice making sure that WE ALL GO HOME. Be safe brothers and God Bless.