Sunday, January 20, 2013

Burn Room Bad Ass

Burn Room Bad Ass….

You know who I am talking about. I love these guys that will go into a burn room and stand up just to melt their face shields/bourke's. Then they come out and say… “ Dang it was hot in there!” Well… DUH!  What the hell did they expect? That’s not the bad part though. They will keep their burnt shields and helmet stickers on their helmets to make it look like they have really been in some heat or had a good working job. They think they have something great. I have a news flash for you…. You look like an idiot! We all know you haven’t done crap. All you did was stand up so you could melt your helmet and look cool. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have melted my shield and stickers in a burn room but I didn’t stand up on purpose to do it. It just got that hot, and we shouldn’t have been in there when it did. But I have always replaced my melted stuff with new stuff. Will I ever melt something again... more than likely yes, but I will not parade it around, and will replace it asap.And not that a face shield/bourke's is much good anyway but when it is melted and you cannot see through it, it is no good to you that one time you might could use it.  This equipment is expensive and it is our lifeline to going home or being made into worm dirt. Take care of it; it could save your life. If you want to be a " bad ass" do something extraordinary and worth telling. If you want to be a dumb ass... well just stand up in a burn room....

Be safe! 

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